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4.4 Commonwealth of Australia as a Criminal Enterprise.

Commonwealth of Australia as a Criminal Enterprise.

Many people in control or in key positions in the Commonwealth Department of Health in administering the health care for Australians and Territorians of Papua New Guinea, the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories and the Australian Human Pituitary Hormone Program were directly involved in the activities described in these pages. Their dereliction of duty, their aiding and abetting, caused, and made possible, great harm to be inflicted upon the Australian people. In short it was criminal negligence as illlsutrated in the various reports implemented by Government.

This is paramount to organised crime with the organisations conspiring to collect pituitary glands illegally. Even today, decades later, the perpetrators seek to hide behind the confidential settlements made with victims families (five to date) without any admission of liability. This is not a private Company, it the Government and we are the principal shareholders. The Public have the right to judge the Government on its performance and the perpetrators must be brought to account.

TheDirector of Public Prosecutions is responsible for preventing activities of this nature from openly and freely occurring regardless of the political or financial ramifications and to fail to do so is to the detriment of all Australians and future generations.

Yet another reason to join the Victims of Malpractice Association to ensure that there are always funds available to contest any Government conspiracy to withhold the truth.

For those Australians that had hospital or medical treatment in toe 50s to 70s they have been exposed to the same risk to those people treated with pituitary hormones. Some Plaintiffs in the Uk have been successful in obtaining judgement for psychological illness derived form the knowledge of this in relation to more specific injury. In Australia the net is much larger due to the wider potential exposure.

Res Ipsa Loquitor