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The Government has failed again.

Infection Control

Whilst a recipient was in the Royal Adelaide Hospital being assessed for what could be CJD the Infectious Disease Control Division within the Department of Health (Dr Cathy Mead) was informed that there was a likely case of CJD. The recipient was discharged from hospital with the full knowledge of the Department of Health that failed in its duty of care at the time to inform the family of the NHMRC guidelines that the Government has produced for this purpose. The Department has more than a casual interest in these matters.

For the first few months families are exposed in ignorance to a transmissible and infectious fatal disease whereby the mode of infection is not known.

The Government has said that it does not have a duty of care to have informed the family of the potential risk. They are Public Servants and they do have a duty of care to the Australian Public. It is irresponsible to suggest otherwise. Shame!

Where is the Minister of Health and Family Services in this debacle?