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9.6 The Legalized Drug Massacre

According to the American Good and Drug Administration, one and a half million Americans had to be hospitalised in 1978 as a consequence of taking medical drugs and a further 30% of all hospitalised patients got further damage by the therapy imposed upon them. The number of people killed in the USA by the intake of drugs (medical) has been estimated at some 140,000 each year.
There is every reason to believe that this figure is increasing.

The situation is very similar in all industrialised countries whose citizens are 'protracted' by a Health Insurance system that encourages the use of drugs and expensive therapies, and extracts, from the gullible public, billions of dollars that flow directly into the coffers of the Chemo-medical syndicate.

So hardly a coincidence that during a 29 day physicians' strike in Israel the national death-rate was the lowest ever. The Jerusalem Burial Society's statistics show a 50% drop on that occasion.

In Columbia after a 52 day strike by doctors in Bogata the National Catholic Reporter pointed out that the death rate in Bogata went down by 35%.

An identical phenomenon has been reported in California and in Great Britain. And yet nothing seems to shake the conviction of the brain-washed majority that Medical Science has never stood as high as today. Not even when a host of medical authorities tell them otherwise.

Here are just a few examples:

The USA, ORABILEX caused kidney damage and death MEL/29 caused cataracts.
METHAQUALONE caused severe physic disturbances leading to at least 366 deaths in 1971, mainly through murder and suicide. Germany's THALIDOMIDE caused at least 10,000 malformed children. STILBOESTROL caused cancer in young women. FLAMINIL (Switzerland) caused loss of consciousness. The gigantic ICI Imperial Chemical Industries) of Great Britain has started paying compensation to the victims (or survivors) of its cardiotonic ERALDIN. It caused severe damage to
eyes and digestive tracts.

The Swiss multinational Ciba-Geigy had to withdraw from the U.S market its PHENFORMIN which had been palmed of on diabetics for 18 years. It is alleged to have caused 1,000 deaths annually.

Germany's list of lethal anti-diabetic drugs included DIPAR, SILUBIN RETARD and SINDATIL.
The Federal German Republic Health Authority gave its own manufacturers a whole years' time to off-load these 'anti-diabetic' drugs.

The list goes on and on. If you can, get a hold of a copy of Hans Reusch's book on the great medical fraud, entitled 'Naked Empress.' You will not take another drug on blind faith. The doctors have to take the drug companies' word that it's safe.

Meanwhile, the massacre continues.


When the gate opens, cause and effect are one. This very place the Lotus Paradise, This very body
the buddha.


Friday 27 June 1997