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9.5 Stilboestrol

Stilboestrol DP

Health Risks and Care for DES Daughters

Health Risks and Care for DES Sons

Health Risks and Care for Women Who Took DES

Finding the Right Doctor

It is important to see a doctor who knows how to care for DES-exposed
individuals. You have a right to question your doctor and seek a second
opinion. DES Action has a National Physician Referral List available free
of charge. Simply contact DES Action at or

For More Information

For more detailed information on infertility, pregnancy care, specific
structural changes in reproductive organs, and other DES-related health
issues, contact DES Action at or 1-800-DES-9288. You
may also want to look at our publications and resources pages and become
a member of DES Action so you can stay informed through The DES
Action Voice. For a response to an inquiry or to receive information, please
include your postal address in your e-mail request to us.

DES Action USA
Ph: 510.465.4011 | FAX: 510.465.4815 | E-Mail:
1615 Broadway, Suite 510, Oakland, CA 94612