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  Updates on results of Court Hearings

  Updates on Margarets Condition

  Further information on related issues

  A trail date for the first civil court hearing has been set in the Adelaide Magistrates Court for the 21st of July 1998

  The second summons issued to Michael Wooldridge (Minister of Health) for being a public nuisance recieved no defence from the Department and was therefor ruled in our favour, although the Government apparently has the right to appeal for no reason other than the fact that they are the government. Under normal circumstances, the civil court gives no means for appeals.

  New page added in lower half of menu offering personal opinion on these issues. (Conspiracies & Cover-Ups) More pages of this nature to be added in the near future.

  The information on the civil court actions has been removed due to our intent to withdraw those actions, pending arrangements for Supreme court action. Our purpose in taking civil court action was not a financial one, but rather a means to see justice met, but it seems that civil courts have no power in which to address issues of justice. Keep an eye out here for upcoming information on the Supreme Court action.